What are RAR Tokens?

RAX, AVY, RAZ Tokens

RAR Tokens are a family of three token systems - RAX, AVY and RAZ tokens. These tokens are unique innovation and can be described as individually independent but mathematically intertwined to each other to create a stable platform for business and commerce to strive. Each token is equally valuable and has a vital role to play in order to achieve stability and predictability for its value and its price. With three token systems, it provides a support mechanism for sound value balance and helps to minimize value volatility deterioration. 


RAX, AVY, and RAZ tokens are the full implementation based on 'RAR tokens theory of stability for crypto-currency' with a goal to achieve price stability through constant feedback.

Ethereum Blockchain

RAX, AVY, and RAZ tokens are ERC20 standard tokens that run on Ethereum ecosystem that harness the power and the global capability of the blockchain.

*Note that RAR Tokens has no ICO.

RAR Tokens

rartokens, rar tokens, RAX Token, AVY Token, RAZ Token

RAX Token

RAX Token is on the top of the RAR Tokens family with a goal to be in financial pinnacle both active and widely used in financial and banking as well as a store of wealth.

Total Supply : 23,600,000

Smart contract address : 0x468d58d6a52249844a166d0ef045dbdd7ce0c751

rartokens, rar tokens, RAX Token, AVY Token, RAZ Token

AVY Token

AVY Token sits in between RAX and RAZ Tokens. It is meant to stabilize the intrinsic value of RAZ and RAX tokens by acting as a cushion in the advancement of these two tokens while pursuing its commercial interests and financial involvement as a medium of payment or currency.

Total Supply : 38,200,000

Smart contract address : 0x289925d08b07e73dd0dd02d1407c877942215082

rartokens, rar tokens, RAX Token, AVY Token, RAZ Token

RAZ Token

RAZ Token is at the bottom of RAR Tokens family with an intention to become the vernacular of the crypto-currencies, widely used in daily lives and in commerce.

Total Supply : 61,800,000  

Smart contract address : 0xe99a76d5fb19bc419d72f355050045fad88e060f

Why A Family Of Tokens?

For Stability

Group of tokens that naturally support each other to preserve its stability in term of its value and its worth. These tokens retain their own individual uniqueness, yet there are interconnected working for each other.

For Predictability

It helps to self-determine the ideal value of a given token providing the reference from the other tokens, and aids to detect if a certain token behavior is outside the tolerable limit of acceptance from the other tokens.

For Practicality

Without stability, it would be just a speculative instrument and will not be suitable for general use. Practicality comes only if the public is confident enough to rely on that it is a stable store of value.

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Fibonacci is known for discovering the natural law of increments of numbers, which appears everywhere in nature. The total supply for RAX, AVY, and RAZ tokens are based on Fibonacci retracement values of 23.6, 38.2 and 61.8 respectively. These values are widely known in the financial world as support and resistance levels.

The proportional ratio between any two RAR tokens is the fundamental guidance to calculate its equivalent intrinsic value, thus, resulting in equal market capitalization for all RAR tokens. See

white paper manifesto for details.


RAR Tokens theory of stability for crypto-currency (The basic)

In Ratio we trust – the basis of stability for crypto-currency

Adding Artificial Intelligence to cryptocurrency – a crazy idea

The future of crypto may not be for a lone coin but a family

A mathematical approach to crypto stability - a small nugget

While everyone is focused on a token, RAR Tokens promote a family

Proposed Future Development

- Token swapping based on value ratio (not based on price) within RAR tokens between a sender and the contract owner without the need for an external exchange

- Token swapping based on value ratio (not based on price) within RAR tokens between a sender and a third party without the need for an external exchange

- Adoption of other existing coin or token to RAR tokens family that will abide to the principle of 'RAR tokens theory of stability for crypto-currency' and guidelines by RAR tokens family.

Equivalent Token Price Calculator in ETH

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